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Here, we work closely with the client to develop and communicate the potential of the development. In doing so, we apply innovative design and advanced technologies to accommodate the program and communicate it clearly and objectively to all potential business stakeholders.

Preliminary Staking / Layout
At this step, we use computer models to develop a series of alternatives for accommodation of uses and activities that will lead to a preferred framework for the project. This will be in close coordination with the defined program to ensure its feasibility, and communicated through diagrams, 3D models and conceptual technical drawings.

Here, we at Conde Design apply the concept envisioned for the development in terms of ambience and materiality. Each indoor or outdoor element relevant to understand users’ experience, such as facades and open spaces, etc. will receive a layer of information, including a palette of materials and plants, which will determine the final image of the venture.

At this stage, Conde Design’s visualization consultants will transform all previously produced information into artistic perspectives and computer-generated animations.