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This range of services aims to support asset selection and confirm an asset program in order to generate profitability figures and estimates for a future real estate development.

Legal Feasibility
These urban feasibility study, an important tool in asset prospecting and business confirmation, are offered by our team in a clear and confidential manner at the speed the market demands. Using topographic, geo-technical and other surveys, and in collaboration with environmental, infrastructure and civil consultants, among others, we survey relevant legislation and point out potential implementation, approval and licensing strategies for the projects.

Benchmark & ​​Positioning
In collaboration with marketing, branding, and territorial intelligence consultants, our team develops product alternatives and tests their suitability for assets’ opportunities and constraints at the pre-design stage. Based on benchmark studies, computer modeling and schematic sketches, the intention of this step is to provide technical support for the visualization of the potential output of each scenario, and finally for the confirmation of the real estate vocation of the project.

Program Definition
Stage for the quantitative definition of the project programme, such as uses, number of units and areas, as well as the determination of prescriptive or performance requirements (user needs and expectations) to be met. Here, our work will be in line with the financial projections made by the development team, resulting in a comprehensive table of areas for each project component.